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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Aristotl   ---   In reality it's all routine. kjr
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Dr.Ramme EDV in Erding renders services to our clients in project as well as in on-site software development.
Open mind to new techniques and businesses supports you around Munich in

- internet services, Training, German course,
- software development

- staff implementation.

- BAMF-Integration Teaching German

Excellence in work, high motivation and positive thinking always achieved the best results for our customers.


Dr.Ramme EDV realises to you your ideas. IT from the design, prototyping to the finished product.

- databases
- project management
- software development
- internet & maintenance
- Training (Integration BAMF cert.) & coaching
- application design
- website design
- Trouble shooting
- acquisition
- customer support service
- fairs support


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to achieve customer satisfaction is our basic objective.

We work
- result-oriented,
- fast and
- accurately according to your wishes.